Friday, 23 September 2016

water filter

I can take action to improve the water cycle in Canterbury

In this project I was working with Mel and Jakob and we decided to create a Water filter

Here is a link what we made.Water filter

In this project we decided that our success criteria were: Produces good water , reusable , Its strong , Its portable
Overall our project met/do not meet this criteria did not clean the water

Friday, 9 September 2016

care valeues

CARE: My progress so far

The CARE award that I am working towards is:  bronze

The one area of CARE that I am doing best in is:  community   because:I have got more highlights on it

The one area of CARE that I need to work harder in is:   respect.    because: I have less highlights in respect

To show my leadership qualities I am a role model to others in the CARE values by doing/showing these leadership traits: pals

On the CARE SOLO matrix below I am at this SOLO level: Unistructural     because: because i don't always turn up to pals





Extended Abstract
I am not aware of the CARE values yet.
I know what the CARE values mean.

I need help to use them.
I can use the CARE values.

I need reminding to use them.
I can use the CARE values independently.
I can use the CARE values independently.

I can role model to others how to use the CARE values.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

water cycle

This is my water cycle information  report. the writing is about the water cycle the key stages evaporation, precipitation, condensation and runoff.

Jame,s mandarin video