Friday, 27 May 2016

Short Story

  • communicate precise meaning related to the topic (Year ⅚)
  • Use basic punctuation that is mostly correct. This includes capital letters, full stops , commas, question marks, exclamation marks, apostrophes and speech marks. (Year ⅚)

Bang! Jamieson and Sid raised their heads from the footpath and looked up with their blower
Eyes .Sid baker as loud as he could

Jamieson stood up and looked around .Then Jamieson and Sid got ready  and  wrote on his dox homeless and hunger .Sid gets up and sneers and licks the big mac wrappers from Jamieson left overs from last night people are walking pass to go to work.People on the way to work stop and give them money from  their breakfast.

Suddenly there is tap on Jamieson shoulder and Jamieson looked up and see the cops  next to him  the cop say to him excuse me  score this not a good place to be sitting but Jamieson side no to the cop but then Jamieson took a 2nd think about it and then move down the road and on the way down the road Jamieson so something yellow in the  in the gutter he pick it up and look at it .It was a lotto ticket so Jamieson and Sid made there way down to the new world  to see if they won money.

Jamieson took it up and it was a winning ticket he had won 1 million dollars.He was amazed now Jamieson and Sid can have a home .It is Jameson first home shine a little kid now he is 30 year old he has a home to himself .He got a new tv with sky about two week later a big storm hit his neighbourhood. His home was one of the 12 that got badly damaged so it go blown down. Jamieson an Sid were homeless for to more week but luckily he didn't buy to much man toys and he still had some  money lift over.But he find a good little home for Jamieson and Sid.

And they lived happy after.

Monday, 2 May 2016

short story

Blog post title: I can describe the structure of a Short Story

Something I have learned about the structure of short stories is: They are short

After reading some short stories two things I will remember when I write my own short story are to keep them short and funny